Dawn Gold Astrologer


Are you looking for Specialist Guidance?
A professional astrological reading can help you answer your questions relating to love,career and family issues.You will understand why events are playing out the way they are, and what decisions and positive choices are available for a successful happy future. For an astrological reading you will need your time, date and place of birth. Tarot or Palmistry consultations are also available to provide extra information and guidance. 
Astrological Readings:
  •  Personal Profiles - Life purpose and forecasts

  • Relationship Consultations - Compatibility profiles and love guidance
  • Timing issues: - Wedding charts, business start up and major life changes
  • Career Readings - Your ideal vocation and  career path

  • Relocation Charts - Best locations to live in the world
  • Children’s Birth Charts - Discover their best potential and character

  • Past life - karmic readings