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Stages of a Relationship  
Infatuation or Romance Stage
Frequently marked by chemical attraction, it's likely that everything will appear to be wonderful during this stage. But after a period of up to 6 months, those of you with a fear of commitment could undermine the relationship. But if you're mature and really compatible, this can be worked through and resolved.
Power Struggle Stage
During this stage, you can find yourselves irritated by each other's habits. These problems are likely to emerge as the differences surface. You're also likely to test each other to see if the other can really be trusted and whether or not the relationship can last. Whoever's more prone to accommodate the other would be wise to consider at this stage what sacrifices they've made. If your relationship is to flourish, you'll need to appreciate each other and what you've have, by both contributing 50% and learning to work as a team.
Boredom Stage
This is when you might feel the stress of being trapped. So you might not like each other that much. You can project unresolved parental issues onto each other. So, if you're to resolve these issues, this stage is likely to require some work on yourselves.
Commitment and Partnership Stage
At this stage, it's likely that choices are made with long-term goals in mind. This period is mostly marked by the acceptance of each other and the feelings of comfort and security. Meanwhile, exits are barred by marriage, financial commitments, or both. And so, you could at this time revert to a power struggle. But when that's been worked through, you'll have learned to share the power and work together.
This process can take 2 to 4 years.
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Life paths in your birth charts
When a US Supreme Court judge declared in 1932 that 'the defendant was not guilty under the witchcraft act, and had raised astrology to the dignity of an exact science,’ little did Evangeline Adams know she had effectively paved the way for astrologers worldwide to practice their principle with more credibility. Before that, astrologers had been ridiculed and misunderstood.

When we're born, we assume a blueprint of the planetary energies for the moment of birth. Some are positive, and others more challenging. But we have to work with them throughout our lives. So, the astrologer plots a chart showing the houses or signs that each of the ten planets occupy at the time of birth. The way the planets interact will influence our personality and the timing for events in our lives.

Astrological charts can help us understand ourselves, our relationships, and our potential, as a mixture of free will and fate. In the charts of extraordinary people, it's often the challenging aspects that have driven them to succeed. They'll have harmonized the energies to make them work in a positive way.

The principal of Astrology can help to keep our souls alive. It gives meaning and insight in a confused and messy world. It not only give us clues about what we could become, but it can challenge us too to adapt to the changing events of our lives.

Growing souls who look for connection in their birth charts teach us that we're responsible for the situations in which we find ourselves. To unleash our potential, first we need to learn about ourselves, and then re evaluate and refine the energies. Seeking the answers within creates the awareness then for positive change and growth.